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Recordings by Ted Norman
Schoenberg Serenade Op. 24 (1920/23)
(baritone, clarinet, bass clarinet, guitar, mandolin, violin, viola, violoncello)
  1. Marsch
  2. Minuett
  3. Variationen
  4. Sonett Nr.217 (text: Francesco Petrarca)
  5. Tanzscene
  6. Lied (ohne Worte)
  7. Finale
Sam van Ducen, baritone; instrumental ensemble (Hugo Raimondi, clarinet; William Ulyate, bass clarinet; Theodore Norman, guitar; Max Gralnick, mandolin; Dorothy Wade, violin; Cecil Figelski, viola; Emmet Sargeant, violoncello;) Robert Craft, conductor (recorded: June 4, 1957) (29:26)
Columbia ML 5244 mono (1958) LP
Philips A 01 499 L mono (1961?) LP
Pierre Boulez Le Marteau Sans Maître
Donald Muggeridge, oboe; Don Leake, english horn; Arthur Gleghorn, flute; Bill Ulyate, clarinet; Don Christlieb, bassoon; Walter Goodwin, percussion; William Kraft, vibraphone; Theodore Norman, guitar; Milton Thomas, viola; Dorothy Remsen, xylorimba; Margery MacKay, alto voice; Robert Craft, conductor
New Directions in Music 1
Columbia Masterworks ML 5275
Library of Congress R58-1137, R58-1138
[Rereleased as Music of Our Time Columbia Odyssey 32 16 0154 (stereo) AND 32 16 0153 (mono); L.O.C. R67-3751 & R67-3752]
Cover, Side 1Cover, Side 2

Recordings of Ted Norman's Compositions
Samba, Glad Rag, Kolo
Elgart and Yates Duo, Music of the Twentieth Century
TR Records (1985)
Modern Arts Guitar Quartet: Buzz Gravele, Walter Marsh, James Phillipsen, Lawrence Schwedler
Modern Arts Guitar Quartet(2010)
Kolo, Polluted Ducks, Glad Rag
ensembleFRET: Peter Yates, Buzz Gravele, Walter Marsh
ensembleFRET YouTube videos